Brake Tuck Kits

Upgrade & Update your braking system with Tier1 Motorsports Brake Tuck Kits

Our kit has everything needed to clean up your engine bay and relocate your proportion valve! Update your old and rusty braking system, and tuck ugly lines out of sight while you are at it! Our Brake Tuck Kits allow you simplify your braking system by utilizing a non-ABS 40/40 proportion valve, and eliminate ABS is you have it. Eliminating ABS will reduce complexity, give your car a nice reduction in weight, and be much more visually appealing! Whether you want to save weight for the drag strip or stand out at the car shows, we have you covered!

Tier1 Motorsports Brake Tuck Kits are always packaged with high quality aluminum Aeroquip fittings and durable steel brake lines/fittings.

Highlights about the brake lines used in our kits:
✓ DURABILITY: Double wall (.028 thickness) Zinc plated brake lines. 16,000psi burst pressure, with double annealed seams.
✓ NO MORE KINKING: Tubing that bends and forms without kinking, easy to flare too.
✓ ZINC PROTECTION: Tube is fused and zinc-coated to provide excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.
✓ DOT APPROVED for hydraulic brake systems.
Some common applications for this kit are listed below, however, may fit additional vehicles:
  • 92-00 Civic | 94-01 Integra with Honda B series engine. B16, B18, and B20.
  • 92-00 Civic | 94-01 Integra with Honda D series engine. D15 and D16.
  • 92-00 Civic | 94-01 Integra with Honda H series engine. H22 and H23.
  • 92-00 Civic | 94-01 Integra with Honda F series engine. F20, F22, and F23.

*This is a D.I.Y. Kit

Examples of tools needed:

**No instructions included. We recommend install by a professional auto technician with experience in braking systems. Intended for show& off-road use.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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