MAC Control Solenoids

Precisely control your boost with Tier1 Motorsports MAC Solenoid Kits! 

Tier1 Motorsports offers both 3-port and 4-port MAC solenoids for your boost control needs. MAC Valves are commonly used to control boost on turbocharged vehicles with single or multiple wastegates. They are compatible with almost every electronic boost controller and tuning software on the market.

A 3-port MAC valve will allow you to increase your wastegate's base pressure by 2-3 times. 

Using a 4-port valve allows a wider range of boost control than other methods because full boost can be applied on either side of the wastegate diaphragm. A 4-port solenoid is used when you need more dynamic range than a 3 port solenoid can provide. Generally with a 4 port valve, you can run a smaller wastegate spring and achieve 4-6 times wastegate base pressure; this can be a HUGE help with traction management, controlling boost off the line and better 60' times.

  • 12 volts
  •  5.4 watts ,25.4 ohm coil (measured), .45 Amps@12 volts 
  • Full vacuum to 120 psi capable. 
  • 10-30 hz compatible, other ranges suitable depending on application. 
  • PWM driven (Pulse width modulation) 

 Tier1 Motorsports fittings are always made from durable steel and machined to precise aerospace tolerances, these system adapter fittings are perfect for your plumbing needs!

Compatible with:

  • AEM
  • Autronic
  • Apex'i
  • Cobb
  • Hondata s300, k-pro, etc.
  • Haltech
  • Holley
  • KTuner
  • Megasquirt
  • Motec
  • Neptune
  • Interchangeable with part number 30-2400
  • & many more!


*This is a D.I.Y. Kit

**No instructions included in package

 Please let us know if you have any questions!